Ding Dong in Hong Kong

Just under 800 guests turned up to Hedge Fund Fight Nite to witness bankers and hedge fund managers battle it out in a boxing ring on October 30, 2008 at a purpose built venue on the grounds of the Indian Recreation Club, opposite the Hong Kong Stadium.

The dirty dozen slugged it out at the black tie event and were cheered on by their peers in the finance industry. The event raised just under HK$1million for charities Operation Smile and Operation Breakthrough.

The training over the past five months paid off and the final contenders put in a stirling effort. The judges once again saw some superb boxing and the crowd witnessed two technical knockouts, Don King herald the event as the Ding Dong in Hong Kong and bikini clad ring girls calling each round.

The results were as follows:

Nissim “The Miracle” Tse v James “Headhunter” Carrs – Carrs won

Tom “Bid Hitter” Taw v Hugh “Pile Driver” – Taw won

James “Squeeze” McCaughey v Graham “The Real Deal” McNeill – McNeill won

Steve “Spit n Sawdust” Pengelly v Frank “The Reaper” Reed – Pengelly won

Rich “The Lion Heart” Le-Gallez v Alex “The Baby Faced Assassin” Bellingham – Le-Gallez won

Ben “The Bomb” Worthington v Elliot “The Machine Gun” Odell – Odell won


The matches are set for this great charity event! Watch Tim Murphy from IP Global, Andrew Wong Kee from JAB Gym and the fighters themselves discuss the upcoming brawl on 30 October.

IP Global的Tim Murphy及JAB Gym 的Andrew Wong Kee 會介紹十月三十日舉行的慈善盛事:對沖基金搏擊之夜.另外,最終的決戰名單已經公布, 每位選手均曾接受專業訓練及嚴厲的淘汰,留下來的,實力不容忽視,戰況勢必激烈,請到 http://www.SO-U.TV收看吧!

The Contenders: Hedge Fund Fight Night Hong Kong.

The remaining 16 financial heavy weights will put on the gloves to deal a knock out blow to their competitors.  Join us for the weigh in at solas on 23 October at 7:00 and meet some of the fighters.

Watch the series here:  http://www.so-u.tv/playVideo.php?id=6203

See the results of the photo-shoot with Gafencu. Ali eat your heart out…

So we down to 16 top contenders challenging for a spot on the night of the October 30.


Last Name

First Name

Control Risks



EC Harris



HBK Capital Management












Instinet Pacific Ltd



JF Asset Management









Macquarie Capital Advisers



Morgan McKinley



RAB Capital (Asia) Ltd



Standard Bank



The Henley Group Ltd



Zurich International



After a couple of days of heavy sparring and training the above guys have been shortlist for the main event. Everyone showed a lot of heart and guts during the week of assessments but it basically came down to skill level and the ability to match guys up on the night. Four months on and after a broken nose, several black eyes and enough blood, sweat and tears to last a lifetime, we have come up with the following bouts;

1.Steve Pengelly vs Adam Upton

2.Richard Le-Gallez vs Chris Trent vs James McCaughey

3.Granham McNeill vs Richard Le-Gallez vs Alex Bellingham

4.Ben Worthington vs Elliot Odell vs Nick Lambe

5.Thomas Taw vs Hugh Driver

6.Nissim Tse vs James Carss vs John Wixley

Each person will be fighting/training for the 12 spots available on the night, there will be 6 fights with the remaining 4 guys will be kept on board as reserve. I have placed guys into groups (in roughly the same weight class) of 3 or 2. The guys will not find out till the week of the “Weigh In” night as to who is fighting who for the name of charity and pride.

Now we are into full scale warfare training, guys have a few weeks to impress and see how truly deep their mind and body can go.

Lets get ready to RUMBLE.



The boxers get their 15 minutes of fame as seven of the volunteers take part in a photo-shoot for men’s magazine, Gafencu.


On news stands now the article documents what the biys have been putting themselves through to make the final stages of Hedge Fund Fight Nite.


Check out http://www.igafencu.com/new_GM/pdf/eng/HK_PDF/04.pdf for the full article

Last chance to impress

Tonight’s training session is the last chance to impress me before the final cut is made for this year’s battle of the bankers.  There will most definitely be some blood, sweat and tears as five wannabe fighters will leave the ring for the last time.  The training has picked up in intensity over the last few weeks; some of the boys putting in extra effort with additional personal training sessions in a bid to gain that extra edge.  For those who were lucky enough (with the heavy workloads this time of year), to be able to make both the Monday and Thursday sessions, time will only tell whether this will be enough to guarantee them a place in the final line up.



For the more fortunate ones, the ones who have proven that time and commitment “do a fighter make”, tonight will be like any other training session, with their strength and conditioning circuits, and their technique work on the heavy bags.  For those who have not shown their full potential, they will be paired off and have to fight for their right to continue training with the rest of the group.  In true gladiator style, they will fight man to man for three 1 minute rounds, all vying for that early knockout and trying to avoid further black eyes and broken noses!  All in all, it’s set to be a ripper!

Hedge Fund Fight Night Elimination! 31 fired up wanabes stepped into the ring but only 12 will make it to the final match. The herd has already been culled down to 21 and 8 more will meet their end tonight. The financial world is like the fight world – only the strong survive.



Boys get the gloves on

After Monday’s training session the guys are all showing promising form but we’ve got to get the numbers down and will be cutting down to 16 at the end of this month.

The boys are getting the gloves on and sparring is becoming normal practice. But as you know boxing is a dangerous sport and one of the contenders suffered a broken nose. Undeterred Avtar plans to get back in the ring once he’s back to good health.